Thursday, December 17, 2015

Law and Literature-II

It was a duel in my mind that settled in favour of literature and not law. The tussle between the two was to gain the topmost position as a medium of bringing about social change. The conscience decided that what powerful literature-both poetry and prose can achieve, law cannot even imagine.

Law requires a discourse. Literature  in the nature of poetry manages with a few words.
If I have to say something about how women have been treated and maltreated over the ages, the default action in me would invariably move in the direction of defining the systemic nature of patriarchy, the malaise of dowry, child marriages, violence involving heinous crimes against women etc etc...
while a simple yet cogent
सुनो द्रौपदी! ..मेहँदी छोडो ...
मेहँदी छोडो खडग उठा लो
खुद ही अपना चीर बचा लो...अब  गोविन्द न आएंगे।
केवल इतने में ही कवि ने स्त्री की दशा, दुर्दशा और दिशा को बता दिया है

Such power can be exuded only by poetry. And the emotions that it manages to evoke are enough to change the societal ideology if sustained for decent duration. Bhakti and sufi saints, kavi of veer rasa managed to create a massive following just because they brought the restricted knowledge of the texts  to public in the language they easily understood.
Literature manages that.
Law is not the panacea of all ills and besides is full of jargon for most.
Just my opinion

Law or Literature -I

आज एक परिचर्चा के माध्यम से डॉ किरण नंदा ने  सहजता से ये बताने कि कोशिश की कि  साहित्य भी समाज का दर्पण होता है.
साहित्य वो है जिसमें हित की भावना हो.
नारी का सम्मान क्या है इसे जानने के लिए कविता का माध्यम चुना जा सकता है.  कवियों ने कहा है की नर नारी बराबर हैं. राम  धारी सिंह दिनकर ने नर नारी के संबंधों की चर्चा की है उर्वशी में और कहा है की 'हम हो जाते हैं कृतार्थ अधिकार गवां  कर'...हमारे साहित्य में सीता, द्रौपदी, दमयंती, शिव और पारवती के उदहारण सम्मानपूर्वक दिए जाते  पर वास्तविकता ये है की आज भी बेटी के जन्म के बाद ये कहा जाता है की ''तुम्हारे कर्म खराब थे''
त्रेता में दशरथ की पुत्री शांता अपनी माँ कौशल्या से पूछती है...हे माँ, क्या तुमने मेरे लिए भी यज्ञ किये थे?  ये भाव  आज भी प्रधान है.
 धर्म की पावन पीठ से पीठासीन संत महंत ये उद्घोषणा करते हैं की 'पुत्रवती भव '...ये नहीं की संतान भव.
डॉ. नंदा ने  प्रश्न किया की अगर स्त्री देवी  है तो उसकी स्तिथि दयनीय क्यों...एक परिवर्तन की निश्चय ही आवशयकता है. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Curiosity, Culture and Civic Sense--Ours and Theirs

On a regular walking tour of Delhi with the troupe I am registered with, I found myself in the company of a novice foreigner once again. The trip included a visit to a temple...I was about to grasp that elusive peace of mind when someone prodded my shoulder...’What is this on your forehead pointing at the tilak?’

‘Err...this is a tilak...the temple priest puts it on everyones forehead’...I managed to mumble and was proud of the answer but before I could swell my chest properly in that pride, pat came another query...'why does he do that?; whats the purpose?’ And that red thread around your wrist...does it have a meaning—this holy cord?

Huh...purpose? Holy cord? What’s that? My mind reeled under the pressure to fetch an answer.’ Oh this...isssss to declare to the world that you attended a Hindu ceremony or visited a temple...a sort of attendance record’.

: / Why me I cursed!...

I am sure that these are not the correct explanations to things I explained about...nonetheless, it was some response at least.

On another occasion, a visit to the Yamuna banks, as a part of another trip, the leader of the group, a historian of repute was elaborating on ‘ghats’ and their religious relevance to the Hindus. All of a sudden a visibly upset trouper remarked...'why is that person watering the water? (animatedly)’, pointing at a person paying his watery tribute to the Sun, standing half deep into the river. The apparaently flabberghasted speaker managed to give an apt reply...the manner of praying to the Sun God to invoke His blessings and all that...I wondered in muted silence if we Indians would display such refined curiosity at the goings on in their culture and mores. Whether our interest in their culture, places and practices, if at all it exists, manifests itself only in the form of photographs promptly posted in facebook and instagram.

(The same person, btw, upon visiting the Rajghat had another question, ‘why is Rajghat not a ghat?’Ofcourse, the leader, being a historian managed more than an apt reply.)

Meanwhile, a small child accompanying the person was hungry. Upon being suggested to open the Mars Bar from his bag, he refused point blank...’but dad there is no trash bin here, (his eyes wide as saucers, as if he had been asked to take the forbidden fruit, committ a ghastly sin) where will I throw the wrapper’. The idea of keeping the wrapper back in the bag was clearly alien and did not appeal to him at all.

Wow! I thought....back in my mind emerged a picture of a pot-bellied lalaji chiding his child and telling him the virtues of remaining clean and hygienic and wiping the mouth properly after eating golgappas—and then throwing the napkin on the roadside.


PS: I staunchly believe in the power of time. There is a time for everything...and destiny has something to do with it. So, this piece which had been brewing in my mind for the past 10 years finds expression is the time for it. Take it away then...comments are invited

Friday, September 27, 2013

Parents who came, who ate and left-leaving my house a picture of a blast site :)

"Parents should not remain busy with earning their 'brad' (actually bread) and butter...", ranted the speaker... In fact she had so many gems to offer that 'alphabets' (actually the English Alphabet-the most pitiable and abused collective nouns) fall short of regaling the saga.
Sigh! Kudos to a bad choice (of deciding to attend the seminar), I had to spend traumatic moments listening to the speaker-a self proclaimed expert on 'good parenting'. The speaker rattled at length--an agonisingly long length on inculcating the value of discipline in children. Since I am a borderline control freak, I abstain from commenting on such issues. But that does not mean that I do not have questions.
One question is--leave alone what the child does or does not do, how she (mis)behaves--what if the parents dont do anything under the presumed notion that "children would be children afterall!" (sick)
Once I had a 12 and a 6 year old (children of invited guests) literally ricocheting in my house while the parents cared two hoots. They jumped on all possible surface areas, banged refrigerator doors and every other door possible-even the locked ones (wardrobe)...came close to dismantling the house altogether.
My muted protests (inside I was ready to detonate) only resulted in lame chidings for their mothers were busy exchanging notes on how their children had covered the normal milestones earlier than others of their age--each of them was actually a prodigy. I could not not agree less when I looked at the dilapidated house--they were no ordinary children--they were products of extraordinarily commiserable, numbskull parents!
ha ha :)
LOL guys and do share your thoughts!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Wish this post was a happy one!

The recent happenings in the city-my city made me revisit a few of my classroom sharing one of them...
This one, I share through a PPt in the class; since here the purpose is different, am reproducing the poem version--adapted from something I read as a piece of a newspaper report...

Flawed Laws[A]pathetic Society

Does a woman have any respite?

          Someone. somewhere said " I would rather be a cow in the USA--well fed but slaughtered, than be a cow in India--worshipped and starved"

          We, here question: Is it any different for women?

          We have Rules for Women

          Don’t go out alone at night — That encourages men

          Don’t go out alone at any time — Any situation excites some men

          Don’t stay at home — Intruders and relatives can both rape

          Don’t go without clothes — That sure encourages men

          Don’t go with clothes — Any clothes encourage some men

          Avoid childhood — Some rapists are turned on by little girls

          Avoid old age — Some rapists prefer aged women

          Don’t have a father, grandfather, uncle or brother — These are the relatives that often rape women

          Don’t have neighbours — They often rape

          Don’t marry — Rape is legal within marriage

          To be safe--DIE TODAY!

Still I would say "Keep the faith" as my signoff

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tasty Teasers :)

It took 33 years and a marriage to reveal that I do not have a taste in food. I never was a fussy eater and the considerations of 'no food going waste bore heavily in my mind when I ate...they still do, so I eat anything without complaint. Unless, ofcourse, it's downright rotten.

Hubby dear on the other hand is finicky, fussy and moody...tell me if any other combo in a husband could be more lethal! Oh dear, life is tough!

But, developing a taste for it! ; )

He he!


Till the next post...Enjoy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Revisiting my diary...

Was reminded of Yudhishthira from Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, while sifting thourgh an old diary of mine. There is a legend that says that he was not able to learn an apparantly simple lesson as "सदा सत्य बोलो, क्रोध मत करो" because he could not imbibe the essence of it in his behaviour.
I chanced upon a quotation equally difficult to follow, if not more..."Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but does not take you anywhere" :)
So simple and yet when it comes to the nitty gritties of everyday life, am sure not even a true blue Hunky Dory can avoid worrying!
Hey btw...for some, worrying is therapeutic on...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I was the second of my parents...

Being second has nothing to do with inferiority complex. It is more about knowing your position in life; how you see yourself...

Even my parents gave me a second grade treatment, so that's the only one I had known. Naturally, I was always comfortable at that level till the time I was mercilessly pulled down and thrown off the list completely. It is then that I started feeling neglected, my position taken for granted...

Ofcourse, this realization does not make me happy. Am also sad because something died in me, innocence perhaps...yes, the tendency to be nice by default is long dead in me; now I think of the probable repercussions first. This is the essential drawback of growing 'mature'.

(another piece from the novel, I would surely publish one day!)